Why I’ll never be a Spanish speaking, musically accomplished ninja…

My Summer 2013 “To-do” List:

  • take a weekly martial arts class
  • learn to play the guitar
  • learn to play the ukulele
  • read every night
  • practice my Spanish
  • work out every single morning at 8 A.M.!
  • practice the piano and get good again
  • start a blog

Well, the summer is already half-way over and I have yet to take a single martial arts class. Or learn the guitar. Or the ukulele. Or go through those Spanish tapes. Or work out. Or wake up before 8 A.M. for that matter. Wait! I woke up, one time, at 6:45 to go to Water World! Oh! And I just started a blog, too! I’d call that making progress!

But on a serious note, I haven’t made much of a dent in this list. In fact, the only bullet I can kinda sorta cross off is “start a blog,” because here I am, blogging. So I guess that counts. Granted, this is my first post and I will most likely quit after a few of these. Then I’ll have to “uncross” it.

I always do this. And I’m sure I’m not alone. We all make plans to better ourselves or explore our interests in an attempt to broaden our realm of knowledge and/or capabilities. But then that pesky thing called reality gets in the way and we realize that we can’t do everything. Or maybe a more direct culprit is distraction. For me specifically, the biggest distraction right now is the app, “Candy Crush.”

My “ideal” life-style is a super-ultra structured one where I have a set routine every day and I stick with it and remain productive for my approximately 14 hours of attentiveness. For instance, in my ideal summer life-style I would wake up at 7:30 every morning and work out from 8 to 9 then eat breakfast and take a shower and be ready for the day by 10:30. Then I would do all of the things on my “Summer 2013 To-do List” for pre-determined time increments and go to sleep early enough to wake up at 7:30 again the next day and do it all over again! Doesn’t that sounds fantastic?!

Okay, maybe a life that extreme is not what I am desiring. But my point is that I wish I could just be a bit more productive and actually do the stuff I promised myself I would do this summer! Why is it so hard to manage my time during the time of the year when time is so plentiful?!

Who knows, maybe if I actually keep this blogging thing up, I’ll be inspired to try the other things on my “to-do” list, too!

Coincidentally, it looks as though I have a full set of lives again on Candy Crush! :D

Better get crushing!


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