Have you ever?

Have you ever read something, watched something or heard something that resonated with you so deeply, so profoundly, that you wish you had been the one who created it? That your name was on the front cover, on the rolling credits, or under the song title? Have you experienced a form of art that so perfectly encapsulated a feeling you so often feel, yet can’t articulate, that you wish you had arrived at the right words first? Have you?



4 thoughts on “Have you ever?

  1. Actually, this kind of thinking makes me really confused.
    I’m sure there were times I wished to trade places with the composers of my favorite songs or authors of my favorite books; but then again I don’t see how it would make me feel satisfied.
    The feeling that’s more recurring to me is wanting to become friends with these people. Instead of wishing to trade places, I wish I could be someone they geniunely liked and wanted to converse and spend time with.
    It sounds a teeny bit weird, I agree, but knowing the people who are capable of wondrous things fascinates me just as much as their creations.

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